My name is Katie K, I am a 7th grader who lives in Southern California and absolutely loves books!

I make book reviews (usually on YA and middle-grade books), write opinion posts, participate in tags and challenges, and other random stuff.

If you would like to collaborate on a blog post with me, simply drop a comment or click on the contact section and I will reach back to you as soon as I can.

~Fun Facts~

  1. I love chocolate-covered bananas
  2. I love baby goats
  3. My favorite colors are lavender and mint green
  4. I love Taylor Swift
  5. I’m a plant mom
  6. I love world history and geography
  7. I am a daydreamer
  8. YA (Young Adult) and MG (Middle Grade) are my favorite book genres
  9. I play the piano
  10. I am Katie, That Bookish Girl*
*Unintentionally cheesy

Thank you for stopping by my cozy internet corner, and don’t forget to click that follow blog button so you can stay updated on my bookish world!

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Keep On Booking,

-Katie K

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